What Our Clients Are Saying About Us on TrustPilot

Cauta Capital has offered a Bond product to U.K. investors from May of 2015. The company is very proud of its track record thus far and recently asked Bondholders to comment on their experiences. Here’s what they’re saying:

It is a pleasure to do business Cauta Capital…
It is a pleasure to do business with company as efficient, helpful and friendly as Cauta Capital. I would not hesitate to use their services to invest in further bonds should the requirement arise

I trust them enough to invest more of my money with them.

R. Tyler
In July 2015 I bought my first 10 year bond from this company, they had a good offer at the time and to me they seemed to be worth the risk. I am glad to say that after two years since then, and having since then bought another bond in 2016 and also again this year in 2017, I have had my faith in them rewarded, as I have had regular payments every quarter without fail which are of a good interest rate in this difficult current market that is for those who are looking for a decent income from their investments. The application process was not difficult, and if I had any queries I got the help that I required from their support team. I would put my money where my mouth is and say that I would buy more bonds next year if they are available as I am confident they are trustworthy.

Excellent Service

After having a little difficulty with the Cauta Capital website, I received a telephone call from a company consultant enquiring whether I needed further information or assistance with the website – excellent service! Consultant was extremely helpful. Consequently, all payments received when they are expected with no issues, and a regular statement and news/fact sheet is distributed. Would highly recommend.

I have been with Cauta Capital for 2 …
I have been with Cauta Capital for 2 years now and to this point I have no complaints. Certificates are issued promptly and payments are always on time. I intend to take out another bond to expand from the 2 I already have.

A very professional company to deal with

D. Currie
A very professional company to deal with