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FIXED INTEREST CORPORATE BOND Earn 7% - 9% Per Year - Invest From £20,000

Independent Security Trustee with first legal charge over company assets for Bondholder protection. Secured and Asset Backed for peace of mind.

Track Record Since 2009

The Cauta Group of companies has a successful track record of investing in high quality projects since 2009.

Fixed Returns

You receive a fixed rate of return paid quarterly allowing you to plan ahead.

Flexible Terms

Bonds can be redeemed anytime after year 3.

No Fees

100% of your capital returned upon exit.

  • Fixed Rate of Return
    The Cauta Capital Corporate Bond pays investors a fixed rate of return of between 7% - 9% per year. This rate is fixed for the term of the bond giving investors peace of mind their future is secure.
  • Regular Interest Payments
    Cauta Capital makes interest payments every quarter directly into your designated bank account.
  • Security
    The Cauta Capital secured corporate bond is fully asset backed and has an Independent Security Trustee that holds a first legal charge over the assets for Bondholder protection.
We are very proud of the fact that every one of our bondholders has received every payment in full and on time and many of our original bondholders have now invested in subsequent bonds with us.

About Cauta Capital

What you should know about us

The Cauta Group of companies invest in asset backed property developments, secured joint ventures and private equity projects, with a successful track record since 2009.

Our ethos at Cauta Capital Limited is that integrity and customer satisfaction are everything, so we endeavour to maintain the highest ethical standards at all times. We take nothing more seriously than the responsibility we owe to our investors.

Through the issuance of the Cauta Capital Corporate Bond we are able to invest in high quality projects, providing stable returns, enhancing profitablility for the Cauta Group and our clients while delivering a secure fixed income to our Bondholders.
Mr.William AbundesManaging Director, Cauta Capital

What Our Clients Say About Us

Here is a small selection of testimonials from our existing bondholders.

“I have been with Cauta Capital for 2 years and to this point I have no complaints. Certificates are issued promptlyand payments are always on time. I intend to take out another bond to expand from the 2 I already have.”

Linda McS.Kent
TrustPilot Review

“It is a pleasure to do business with company as efficient, helpful and friendly as Cauta Capital. I would not hesitate to use their services to invest in furthur bonds should the requirement arise.”

Mr.Douglas W.Essex
TrustPilot Review

“I am glad to say that after two years, and having since then bought another bond in 2016 and also again this year in 2017, I have had my faith in them rewarded, as I have had regular payments every quarter without fail which are of a good interest rate in this difficult current market that is for those who are looking for a decent income from their investments.”

Mr.Roy T.Beds
TrustPilot Review


To discover how Cauta Capital can provide you with a fixed and fully secured return on investment of between 7%-9% per year, simply click on the button below.


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