Cauta Capital Announce the Release of the 2016 7% to 9% pa NTF Corporate Bond

Cauta Capital closed the 2015 7% Corporate Bond in favour of a similar offering for 2016 with a lower ceiling (£3 million per series). The 2016 Bond offering will now be available to investors at the following annual rates 7% from £20,000, 8% from £35,000 to £75,000 and 9% on investments of £75,000 upwards. The bond offerings will be rolled out on a series by series basis to meet on going demand.

Bonds can be purchased in Pound sterling or Euros and interest will be paid in the purchasing currency.

As with the 2015 offering, the Directors of Cauta Capital Ltd have undertaken to always have a minimum of £ 28 Million in net unencumbered assets available to provide security to bondholders. An independent security trustee, Jade State Wealth Ltd have first charge over the assets for bondholder security.

The Cauta Capital 2016 bond offering with a slightly lower entry point reflects the changing marketplace for bond and savings investors and has followed the footsteps of the many offerings from banks, institutions and private companies who are now creating a trend to lower investment levels to their target market.

The alternative financing market continues to remain strong in 2016. From its formation in 2009 Cauta Partners, the asset management company through which the bond’s funds are invested has continued to flourish based upon the high demand for capital from small to medium sized companies. The loan market has changed due to banking regulatory reforms. Banks now require instantly liquid collateral such as blue chip stock held against loans. Goods, property or machinery are no longer acceptable forms of collateral. Commercial bank lending is unable to meet the demand from companies who do not have liquid assets to pledge leading to an increased demand for alternative financing solutions. Cauta Partners remains in enviable position to select only the safest and most profitable projects.

Cauta Capital through their affiliated asset management company Cauta Partners Limited based in Zurich Switzerland provides small and medium sized European businesses alternative financing options in the form of Project Financing, Equity Leasing and Private Equity.

This Cauta Capital Limited communication contains certain statements regarding future events that express the beliefs and expectations of management. Such statements are based on current expectations, estimates and forecasts on the part of company management and imply various known and unknown risks and uncertainties, which may result in actual earnings, the financial situation, growth or performance to be different from the estimates expressed or implied in the forward-looking statements. The information contained herein is not intended to act as advice or a solicitation for business and should not be construed as such.