Cauta Capital Announce a 22% Increase in Secured Assets to £45 million

Cauta Capital is pleased to announce it now holds £45 million in assets. The April 2015 launch commenced with assets valued at £35 million, the first 6 months of trading produced a net increase of £10 million.

The increase in the asset base of the company to £45 million puts the company on course to exceed a £50 million asset base during the first quarter of 2016.
Segregated assets are held to secure the £25 million corporate bond issued in May 2015.

In addition to offering bondholders interest of 7% per annum on investments of £35,000 plus, the company restructured the Bond offer to include investments of between £20,000 and £35,000 paying 6% per annum and to lower the fee on early withdrawal (during years 2, 3, and 4) from 15% to 10%.

Since the launch of the Bond the subsequent increase in cash flow has enabled the company to enter into several new short term financing agreements.

With a net asset base now at £45 million and a projected net asset increase to exceed £50 million during the first quarter of 2016, the company will hold assets double the value of the £25 million Secured Corporate Bond, providing solid protection to bondholders.

Company CEO William Abundes stated, “From the launch of the bond we have been able to process several new financing agreements. Over that period, through our bondholder enquiries we have recognized the need to modify our product to appeal to the wider investment public. The recent decision to offer investments from a minimum of £20,000 invested paying 6% per annum reflects the enquiries received from investors who were attracted to the offer but were unable to invest a minimum of £35,000. Taking into consideration the increased administration costs to process and provide ongoing bondholder services, we concluded it was possible to offer the Bond from a minimum investment level of £20,000 with a 1% difference between interest rates paid for investments of less than £35,000. At any time if a Bondholder increases their total invested capital level to £35,000 or more, they will receive 7% on the full amount from that point forward.

“We greatly value our Bondholder’s participation in the growth of the Cauta Group.”

Cauta Capital through their affiliated asset management company Cauta Partners Limited based in Zurich Switzerland provides small and medium sized European businesses alternative financing options in the form of Project Financing, Equity Leasing and Private Equity.

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